Sound module upgrades with op-amp

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The CD / VCD player who uses the same listen to the audio quality is often poor. This is due to the IC Acting analog amplifiers. Most commonly used is the IC op amp.Cheap. Is a valuable slew rate low. It can not meet the immediate modification of the digital signal. The frequency response is not wide enough. Makes the sound come out with sharp and hard. We need to fix with an analog output amplifier with high efficiency. And a filter in excess of unnecessary. To eliminate the sharp sound.So this circuit. Should select the IC op amp with high quality. To get a value LEWIS Garrett with a high and expensive. The circuit is not the number IC op amp to be used depending on demand.
When raising the power supply circuit, the power sector through Direct loans isolates. Consisting of Q1, Q2, ZD1, ZD2, R5, R6, C10 and C11. The circuit Direct loans isolate the control voltage for supplying the integrated circuit is about 12V and-12V. The C5-C9 is a collector. bypass capacitor. Help in responding to high frequencies and reduce the leakage of the capacitor electronic highlighting of C4 and C3. When the input to the pin 3 bedroom inverse fitting IC1 to extend signal not to phase out the. Pin 6 and the signal part is fed back through R3 and R2. which is 1.3 times the growth rate C1 and C2 act to eliminate high frequency unnecessary. This circuit is a circuit that extends the ordinary. The principle that the resistance of the circuit high input, to prevent the loading of the amplifier’s original CD. And a low output resistance, so they can drive loads easily. The sound quality that have come out that is based on the IC op-amps used IC op-amp should choose the high slew rate opamp.
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